Family Friendly Meal Plans with a healthy twist!

What if I told you that you can plan your weekly dinners in 3 simple steps:

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You want to feed your family delicious and wholesome dinners..... yet why is it so hard?

Do you feel like you make the same meals over and over? You start searching Pinterest for fresh ideas, but it quickly gets overwhelming, right?

Garnished Plate Meal Plan
Garnished Plate Meal Plan

Maybe one kid doesn't like pork and the other can't have dairy. How are you supposed to keep it all straight?

Do you ever start to make a recipe that you're excited about, only to realize you forgot one important ingredient at the grocery store? 

Garnished Plate Meal Plan

This is exactly how dinner time used to be at my house! I was overwhelmed, frustrated and tired of wasting money on takeout and restaurant food. I tried every meal plan out there, but they just ended up creating even more work for me! I knew there had to be a better (and much easier) way to plan dinner!

I'm Jennifer, and I created this meal plan because...

  • I believe in easy to make recipes using simple and wholesome ingredients 
  • I believe families should be able to sit down to a stress-free and home-cooked meal
  • I believe that with the right tools, none of this should be complicated

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​Instant Access

​Sign up and get started with your first meal plan instantly.  Your first 7 days will only be $1 so that you can make sure this plan is a good fit for you!

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Just a couple of questions to determine your preferences and you will have a meal plan customized for your family. No more stress over what to make for dinner.

​Private Community

Join our exclusive Facebook Group where we share our challenges, successes and ask questions! Never feel like your in this dinner time game alone! 


"In a family with two working parents and two active kids..."

"... it is always hard to find time to prepare and cook a healthy meal for my family. I always felt like we were either eating out or warming up frozen dinners. Garnished Plate has definitely helped my family out. I can pull up different menu options and go over them with my kids to make sure I choose something that they will like. It is so convenient to throw the food in the slow cooker on my way out the door in the morning and come home to a delicious home cooked meal. This service has helped make meal time less stressful and provided healthier meals for my family."

- Kristin (Garnished Plate Subscriber)

We know that committing to planning meals can feel overwhelming.  It might feel like just another task on your to do list.

That' s why we've spent years developing a plan that you can set up and start using in minutes that can be customized to your families needs!! 

  • Have dietary concerns such as vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free? Simply check the boxes and weed out the recipes that don't fit your needs.
  • Need nutrition information? We provide a nutritional label on all recipes and smart point calculations on many recipes.
  • Have specific cooking methods you prefer?  Chose from slow cooker, skillet, oven and many other prep options. 


Pay as you go each month just $9 per month



Best value!! Comes out to just $5 per month!!



Great value! Comes out to just $7 per month!


How Our Plans Can Help You:


We Plan the Meals

"We have personally created and tested recipes from our family to yours!

There are hundreds of recipes to choose from in our database.  We ask you a few simple questions and deliver a customized plan. Nutrition information and color coded dietary notes included on each recipe.

You Choose

We've given you total control and flexibility over your meal plan.  Don't like one of the recipes? One simple click will remove it from your shopping list and plan. Want to add something extra? Search and add favorites from your list!

  • Our interactive mobile shopping list will save you time
  • Our customized dietary plans include side dish options 

Everyone is happy!

Save time and money every week with our simple to follow plan.

When we create the plans for you, it reduces stress and allows you to start enjoying dinnertime with your family again! Review meal options and let everyone choose and end those dinnertime battles once and for all.  Instead of making separate meal and rushing around, you will be sitting down to a nice dinner around the table. Who doesn't love that?!

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"Garnished Plate has been a tremendous help as ...."

"... our family moved away from quick highly processed dinners to homemade meals. As a working mother of three very active elementary school boys, my transition was hard work and had us eating dinner late at night. Garnished Plate changed all that. It helped make it easier by providing me recipes I could prep on the weekend or in the morning, throw in the slow cooker, and dish out when we got home. On top of that, the kids loved them! The meal planning service has been a real life saver! Thanks for helping us stay the course and live and eat healthier!"

- Meg (subscriber)

Want to see a few of the delicious meals?

Here's just a few of the many recipes that we have determined are amazing enough to be included in the meal plan:

We believe in combining simple, easy to find ingredients in new ways to make dinners your family will want again and again. 

Each week you'll get personalized recipes along with a custom shopping list that is totally interactive.  Easily make swaps and have your list update automatically.  


Stop stressing over dinner! Let us help you figure out what to make and buy! You spend more time with your family!


Get your first meal plan instantly!

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Pay as you go each month just $9 per month



Best value!! Comes out to just $5 per month!!



Great value! Comes out to just $7 per month!


Why wait another day: Start getting easy and delicious dinners on the table tonight.

You've tried meal plans before but have been frustrated or disappointed.  But most meal plans give you PDF recipes and shopping lists with zero flexibility.  Any changes leave you with a ton of work. Ours takes away the stress and extra time.  A few simple clicks will update the recipes to something you really want to eat plus your shopping list and instructions will be automagically updated!!

It's easy to think you will start next week, next month or after the new year. But when you are finally ready to make a change, doing it now will give you the best chance of success!! These plans are so easy to use that there's no prep work or mental preparation needed to get you started.  Simple sign up and get a meal plan perfect for your family!

Don't spend one more day eating expensive take-out or feeling frustrated.  Start today and get a delicious meal on the table that you can feel good about serving to your family.​​


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

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Do I have to print all of the recipes and shopping lists?

Do you include nutrition information?

​Can I customize for the dietary plan I follow?