Garnished Plate Tagline

You're here because you need an easier way to get dinner on the table, right?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You have a picky family and it's hard to please everyone
  • Shopping for groceries takes too much time and you always forget one key item
  • Coming up with fresh dinner ideas gives you a headache
  • hand-paper-o
    You waste too much money on unhealthy take-out and restaurant food

I could tell you how easy  it is to plan your meals in 3 simple steps but I'd rather let you try it for yourself!

Pay only $1 today!​​​​

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We Plan

  • Hundreds of recipes to choose from in our database
  • We ask you a few simple questions and deliver a customized plan
  • Nutrition information and color coded dietary notes on each recipe

You Choose

Garnished Plate Meal Plans
  • Family tested recipes to please picky eaters
  • Interactive​​​​ mobile shopping list to save time
  • Customized meal plans for many diets including side dishes

Everyone is Happy

  • Save time and money every week with a simple to follow plan 
  • Enjoy dinner time with your family around the table
  • Review meals quickly each week to include something for everyone

A new customized meal plan every week!

What you get:

  • Instant access to our full database of recipes
  • Ability to customize dietary preferences including gluten-free, dairy-free, Smart Points, vegan and vegetarian
  • Option to adjust ingredients and prep methods based on what works for your family
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    Mobile or desktop friendly with printable options or interactive checklists

as a bonus:

  • Video guide to get started with meal planning
  • Downloadable guides and checklists to stay on track
  • Intro week for only $1
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    Facebook group to share ideas, stories and challenges