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Why Meal Planning is Important

Meal PlanWhy should you bother planning your meals?  Isn’t it more fun to fly by the seat of your pants?  Go with your whim?  Make whatever sounds good to you that day?  In theory, yes!  But in reality, this tends to just result in more stress and unhealthy drive-thru fixes.  Most of us don’t have time to look for recipes and grocery shop every day, much less try to figure out how to find time to cook and get a meal on the table.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to have options already waiting for you?  Delicious meals you prepped ahead of time that you can just put in your slow cooker on a busy day and know for sure that an amazing dinner will be waiting for you?


Going forward I will be talking a lot about the specifics of meal planning, what I’ve learned about creating delicious make ahead meals and how to pull it all together, but today I thought we would start with the basics and create a top ten list of why meal planning is important.

  1. Having a plan is critical to helping you stick to your goals!  Whether it’s eating a certain way or eating at home more, having a plan is the only way to truly achieve those goals.
  2. Having a plan helps reduce stress.  Knowing what you can make for dinner and that you already have it prepped or that you have the ingredients to make it means no last minute decisions to make.
  3. Meal planning helps you try new things.  Having recipes available that you have never tried before but that you can add to your plan for the week helps you try new things instead of panicking and getting ingredients for the same old meal when you stop by the store on the way home from work.
  4. Gives you more time to enjoy the other parts of your life.  If you have planned ahead and have dinner in the slow cooker, then you can pick your kids up and hang out with them after work or sit with your friends or significant other and have a glass of wine and not be rushing to get dinner made.
  5. Helps you become a better cook.  Not only are you trying new recipes but you are doing so when under less pressure therefore allowing you to experiment more with flavors and cooking techniques.
  6. You will eat more wholesome ingredients!  Planning ahead means knowing what’s in season or thinking ahead about how to prepare certain fresh ingredients.
  7. You can save money!  If you have a plan then you know exactly what you need when you go grocery shopping and are less likely to impulse buy.  Plus, if you stick to the plan, you don’t have to throw out food that goes bad because you never figured out what to do with it.
  8. You can have leftovers and actually use them.  Knowing what you are going to make and what you are likely to have left means you can have a plan for repurposing leftovers into a whole new meal.  This not only helps with reducing waste, but saves you even more time.
  9. Gives you time to workout and in general to be healthier.  When you have a plan for your meals, you can also have a plan for your workouts! You can create a routine that works for you and not be left wondering how you’re going to get it all done.
  10. It’s fun!! Thinking about food, planning interesting meals, cooking for friends and family… these are all parts of life we can enjoy, especially when we have a plan.


Are you convinced about meal planning being amazing, but still not sure where to start?  Not to worry!  We’ve spent years developing meal plans, testing recipes and grocery shopping and have created the perfect system to help you.  Check out all the details and give us a try.  We’d love to have you join us!


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